Ridge Haven

Our Ridge Haven Farm

This is our home, our noncommercial farm, and our spiritual retreat.
This is our favorite place to be in the whole world.
We invite you to share it through pictures.
Ron and Beth Bracale

Summer 2014       Summer 2014

Spring 2014       Spring 2014

Winter 2014       Winter 2014

Llamas 01 Llamas 02 Llamas 03 Llamas 04
Llamas 01       Llamas 02       Llamas 03       Llamas 04

20080217_Babies_2.jpg       20080421_01i.jpg       20080606a_i.jpg
     Pekin Ducks         Khaki Campbells     Ducks Cohabitating

Baily_i.jpg      Kiki.JPG

Meet our pets    Kiki: Evan's Cat

The following links contain sets of pictures.
Scroll down and enjoy the scenes from around the farm.
I will keep posting more, so make another cyber visit soon.

20080309_RH_i.jpg 20080309_RH_i.jpg Covered_Bridge_i.jpg Covered_Bridge_i.jpg

Ridge Haven Photos: set 01: Around the Farm
Ridge Haven Photos: set 02: Around the Farm
Ridge Haven Photos: set 03: Places Close By
Ridge Haven Photos: set 04: Frosty Flowers

ice jpg toad i jpg 2014 Skunk Cabbage jpg Mushrooms jpg

Ridge Haven Photos: set 05: Winter 2010
Ridge Haven Photos: set 06: Toads
Ridge Haven Photos: set 07: Skunk Cabbage
Ridge Haven Photos: set 08: Mushrooms

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