Ridge Haven Photos

I love taking pictures.
Here are some classics from around Ridge Haven Farm.
Please scroll down and browse them all...


2007-09-12: Ridge Haven Farm
Here is looking out our back door.


20080531: Here's a Medicine Wheel our friend Tammie created.
Gardening is very good Medicine for the soul.


20080730: Here's the Medicine Wheel two months later.
Amazing how fast life grows in the summer sunshine.

 Bunny jpg

Bunny rabbit in some tall grass.
By piling brush and branches along the bottom of the ridge,
we created places for them to live and so they are always around.

Spring Lawn jpg

A beautiful spring lawn.
Dandelions are a favorite food of the ducks.


2007-11-25: Fossil found on Ridge Haven Farm.
This is a Horn Coral from the Devonian seas.


2007-11-03: Ridge Haven Farm
An apple tree in a meadow across the street.
It is gently touched by the frost and a rising sun.


20080517: Here's a rainbow from our driveway.
Rainbows are definitely a divine glory to behold.


2007-10-06: Ridge Haven Farm
We love to sit around a Camp Fire on a nice night.
Play instruments, tell stories, and laugh...


2007-10-24: Ridge Haven Farm
A nice Sunset across the street.


20080305: An Ice Storm did minor damage on Ridge Haven Farm.
We were without power for over three days.
Yet walking around there was beauty to be found.


20080309: Here's our house with lots of snow.
Lots to shovel and yet there's something nice about it.

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