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I love taking pictures.
Here are more classics from around Ridge Haven Farm.
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20080531: Here's a Wild Turkey that walked through our front yard.
Sometimes on the road you will see a covey of 20 of these big birds.
This is a female, since she does not have the gobbler under her chin.


20080625: Here's a Dawn Redwood that a friend gave us as a house warming gift.
These ancient prehistoric trees were thought to be extinct.
Then it was discovered that Taoist Monks were protecting a few sacred trees.
This is a story worth googling.


20080707: Here's a Finch Nest that we found while picking raspberries.
It is so tiny and cute, that I had to post it.


20090102: We gathered the nests before the winter destroyed them.
They make a nice arrangement for the kitchen window.


20081115: Here is a picture of some collected money plants.
We are waiting for them to bring riches, but also just liking them.


20080823: We live on a dirt road and so the air gets dusty.
The setting sun through the tree by the house was casting rays.

Mimosa Blossom jpg

20080712: Here is a blossom of the Mimosa Tree.

Spider Web jpg

20080921: This is a large spider web.
Look close at the pearls of the morning dew.


20080830: Here's our house from the back, viewing the porch.
The sunset contrasting the warm lights of the house feels welcoming.

Far Field Ash jpg

20081013: Here is the Ash tree in the far field.
The colors of autumn are a great gift to behold.


20081219 Here is an image of an iced over apple tree.
The trees we inherited needed much pruning and care.


200801223: Here's Bailey out walking with me on a snowy day.
I cut a path on the ridge so that we could walk among the trees.


20081221: Here's our yard in the winter sun.
There is beauty to behold even on cold days.


20090111: Here's another snowy day at Ridge Haven.
I like the way the shadows stretch across the snow.


20090130: Beth took this picture of the snow at night.
January set a new record for amount of snow in one month.

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