Ridge Haven Photos 03

Here are some pictures from places close by.
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Here is Creek Road Covered Bridge.
its about a half mile walk from our house.


This is Conneaut Creek as you stand next to the covered bridge.
Conneaut Creek has earned the 'Wild and Scenic' designation.


Here is another image of Conneaut Creek.
When we get free time it is great to explore its shores.


Sometimes on the banks of the river
there are millions of these baby toads.
Each square foot of rocky river bank,
has a half dozen of the little critters.
It makes it extremely difficult to walk.


Here is a spot we refer to as the fairy forest.


It is a special place that has minimal human intervention.


This was a beautiful day with gorgeous sunlight streaming in.


During an evening walk in the upper meadow along the creek,
my wife and I encountered this young buck.
We must have been some of the first humans he had ever seen,
because he started to come towards us and got to about 20 feet away.
Unfortunately the closer pictures were blurred.


One day my wife and I came across this perfect beaver scull.
The beavers live in a tributary to the creek.
Waiting silently when it is almost dark you can sometimes
catch a glimpse of them swimming by their homes.


When we first moved here, we heard about the old Perish Road bridge.
It sounded like it had just been out for a few years.
One day we took a weekend walk to it and were quite surprised;
Seems like quite a while since this was a functioning bridge.

Conneaut Lake Summer jpg

The lake shore in Conneaut on a stormy summer day.

Ashtabula Harbor jpg

Looking towards the lake at the Ashtabula Harbor.

2010-01-25 Bridge jpg

The bridge across Ashtabula harbor on a crisp winter night.

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