Ridge Haven Farm Ducks 02: Khaki Campbells

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2008-04-02: We ordered 15 Khaki Campbell ducks,
They were shipped in this cardboard box a day after birth.
Two were lost in transit, so we have 11 Females and 2 males.


2008-04-02: Here they are on their first day home.
They were a bit dazed from shipping, but did alright.
We used a dog cage with cardboard around it to start them off.


2008-04-02: Here they are on their first day home.
In the foreground is some special vitamin hydrating gel.
They are already starting to be curious, as you can see.


2008-04-02: Still their first day home.
They are looking a bit more lively here.
Don't you see the wonderment in their eyes.


2008-04-02: First day home: a close up.
You can see they had little bands around their feet.
We took them off, so we are not sure who the 2 males are.


2008-04-05: Two days later or four days old.
Already getting bigger, but still tiny.
Khaki Campbells are a small breed, Pekins are a large breed.


2008-04-07: Here they are at a week old.
You can see that their down is starting to become feathers.
They are taller and run around frantic eating and drinking.


2008-04-16: Here they are at a two weeks old.
They were too big for the dog cage, so they moved into the swimming pool.
There is a minimum amount of space per bird required for good health.


2008-04-19: Here's one with its mouth open piping up.
Khaki Campbells are supposed to be a quiet breed.
But if they see greens they all peep very load (feed me, no me...).


2008-04-21: their second outing in the duck tractor.
They are wet from swimming in the pool.
They are natural at foraging on greens and looking for bugs.


2008-04-21: They have not gotten their main feathers.
There was a slight cool breeze this day and they got cold.
We dried them off and they were happy clean ducks.


2008-05-05: They are amazingly intelligent creatures.
You can see how they watch me suspiciously.
Must be because my eyes face forward like all predators.


2008-05-31: Here they are at a maturing teenage state.
You can see that the males and females look different.
At this point we realized we had more males than we bargained for.


2008-07-20: Here they are looking full grown.
The males now have their distinct head color.
The females have some pretty white wing feathers.


2008-07-20: The males all have their Drake feathers.
You can clearly see the little curl on his tail.
The females has started laying an egg a day (taking turns?).

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