Ducks Cohabitating: They get along so well.

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Ducks Playing follow the leader.
Today Issie and Corkie are the leaders.


Different ducks run in front on different days.
Isabella is best at coming when called, hoping for a treat.


Which Duck Eggs is Isabella's?
Its the one in the middle.
This is an average amount of morning eggs.


A flooded yard is so much fun.
The ducks just splash and play all day.


They dig down for plant stuff or bugs.
They just radiate happiness in the water.


Here is their house and Back Yard.
Though they like to be in the pasture, they are safe in here.
There is a net over the kennel panels and
they are closed in the House at night.


They Love to play in the pool.
They need water to stay clean and healthy.


They splash and preen furiously.
They act like wild children.


They take turns since they all don't fit.
They just naturally flow as a flock.


Here is Isabella and Cornelius swimming together.
Being the two Pekins they often swim together.


They like getting out in the snow.
They are not very affected by the cold.


Even in the coldest weather they want to be out.
On freezing nights we put a heat lamp in their house.


They are very busy and run around a lot.
Try your tracking skills: which way did they go.


Nothing like a crisp cold morning stroll.
They will try and dig in the mud, even under ice.

20100108 Snow Ducks

The snow was to deep for them to waddle through.
They were still glad to get out of the house for an hour.

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