Ridge Haven Farm Llamas 01

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Curtisy 01
   July '07: 'Windy Ridge Curtisy' with her bright clear Llama eyes shining.
She was born March 28, 1996
Her parents were Mr. Tony Curtis and MLL's Athena.

Sterling Silver 01
   July '07: 'Windy Ridge Sterling Silver' standing outside her new home.
She was born June 7, 2002
Her parents were Windy Ridge: Calico's Cisco and Hurricane Opal.

Little Bit 01
   July '07: 'I.W.L. Little Bit' standing proud as any gelding might.
He was born October 5, 1997 at 'I Wanna Lama' farm.
His parents were PBL Teddy Bear and Sweet Little Angel.

Sterling and Curtisy 01
   July '07: Sterling and Curtisy grazing on some grass.
Llamas are naturally browsers, but like to graze also.

Lazy Summer Day
   July '07: What a Lazy summer day.
As you can see, Curtisy loves the water.
When they sit with their heads up, they are said to be 'Cushing'.

Little Bit standing in a Pool
   July '07: Little Bit standing in the pool.
Some Llamas love water and some do not care.
Little Bit likes to just stand in the pool to cool his feet.

Sterling 02
   July '07: Sterling with that inquisitive Llama look.
What's Up Doc?

Curtisy 02
   July '07: Curtisy standing proud.
Llama's do not like the summer heat, so we shear their middles.
The Barrel cut allows efficient cooling on hot days.

LittleBit Oak
   Little Bit eating Oak leaves.
Llamas love to browse on tree leaves.

Llama Rolling
   Curtisy is rolling in the dust.
We think they do this to keep the flies away.
Maybe its just a back scratching process.

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