Ridge Haven Farm Llamas 02

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Llama Legs
   Sterling Silver isn't really showing off her legs.
She's rolling completely over, back and forth.

Llama Dino
    Is it a prehistoric Dinosaur?
No, just Curtisy sunning herself,
as many women like to do.

When we first got our Llamas, we were told 'Don't let them over-heat'.
Then on a really hot day, they lay stretched out in the sun.
My wife worriedly called the people we bought them from.
Only to get the news, after several questions, 'They're Sunbathing.'

   Curtisy is curious about our visiting Cousins.
Curtisy is the most likely to get close to strangers.

Llama and Fran
   Llamas will get right in your face: smutch smutch.
OK, really they are sniffing, not smutching.
Fran is a little taken aback by Sterling's forward nature.

Curtisy 03
   Curtisy is the most outgoing of the Llamas.
She does not completely obey Llama manners.
When I scoop the Llama beans, she will get right in my face.
I think she is smelling my breath to see what I have been eating.
She will let any calm person pet her smooth fiber.

   We had some branches from over our house trimmed off our trees.
Ivan, our visiting friend's son, enjoyed hand feeding Sterling some leaves.
Maple leaves are Sterling's favorite natural food choice..

Llama Dung
   While it is true that Llamas poop in a pile, the pile spreads out.
This is a couple of seasons of Llama Beans (or dung) that I piled up.
During the end of summer and early fall it would be covered every morning.
Then during the heat the mushrooms would all burn off.
Llama Beans are ideal fertilizer, since they can be directly applied.
Llama Beans will not burn your plants like other forms of dung will.

Curtisy 04
   Curtisy out standing in the field.
We do not remove the halters from the Llamas while they are out.
This way they are easier to catch, should they not want to come in.
We never leave their halters on when they are in their home or at night.
If left on always, the halter could wear uncomfortable on them.

Llama Snow 01
   Here are the Llamas who were standing out in the snow.
I am sure that it did them no harm, as it was an early warm snow
Beth got the idea of giving them a night light.
Well being prey, they were afraid of the light at night revealing them.
So they stood outside out of the light all night.
Since we removed the night light, they have not stood out in the snow.
This was more than being a creature of habit that does not like changes.
This is an example of instinctual behavior that is ingrained.

Llama Snow 02
   Here is little bit out in the snow.
I am sure that is warm as the snow adds insulation.
Llama fiber is one of the warmest fibers.

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