Ridge Haven Farm Llamas 03

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Llama Snow 03
   Here is Sterling out in the snow.
She is the Llama with style and class.
It is in how she carries herself and her aloof attitude.

Llama Shearing
   Here is my wife Beth Shearing Curtisy.
This happens at the end of spring when we are over cold snaps.
Curtisy was the most behaved during this process.

Llama Sun Bathers
   Here are Sterling and Curtisy Sun Bathing.
You can see their new barrel cuts.
For creatures with so much fiber, they still love the sun.

Llama Cool Pool
   Here is shaved Curtisy in the pool.
She is cooling off through her feet.
Unfortunately Little Bit will sometimes poop in the pool.

Llama Maple Delight
   Here are some young visitors feeding maple leaves.
Maple leaves are Sterling's favorites.
Maple leaves are pure delight to these browsers.

Llama Hitting the Hay
   Curtisy has been hitting the Hay a bit hard today.
She seems to have gone Hay Crazy.
She is such the funny girl....

   I made this hay feeder from an old futon.
It works really well, keeping hay off the ground.
The Llamas really like it also.

   A nice image of Sterling.
Sometimes she's a moody girl.
Sometimes she is very sweet.

Sterling Misty
   Sterling on a Misty Morning.
They like being out all night.
Cool mornings they sometimes couche in the field.

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