Ridge Haven Farm Llamas 04

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Llama Eagle 03
   This is our newest Llama: L. U. A. On Eagles Wings.
He was born on April 17, 2004 on 'Lashes' Unique Animals' farm. He is a very handsome gelding.

Llama Eagle 02
   Eagle was sad or afraid for the first week that he was here.
He would stand around and cry in his Llama voice.
Then he realized that life was good here.

Llama Eagle 01
   Eagle has now found his place with the herd.
Four Llamas seems like a balanced number.
Two females and two geldings.

Llama Eagle 04
   The Llamas go out to the pasture in the early evening.
Just after the warm part of the day is over.
They will stay out under the moon light.

20091226 Llama named Eagle
   The Llamas have a corridor out to the pasture.
It was a beautiful day with snow, sun, and a bit of mist.

20091226_019 Llamas in the gateway
   Here are the Llamas standing in the corridor to the pasture.
Sometimes they are not sure where they want to be.

   The Llamas love tree leaves and small branches.
I gave them some pruned pear branches and
they even ate some of the bark off the sticks.
Here is Curtisy trimming a spruce that she can reach.

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